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Delta Company US specializes in the introduction of new products in America region. We the knowledge of the language, cultural understanding as well as knowledge of strategic commercial relationships. Our regional relationships have been established and endured for many years.


Delta Company US provides your enterprise with a unique and strategic value which enables you to do business in an area of fast grow and opportunities. The market is unique and the expectation for new business is high.


Our branch office in Florida, USA works with strategic partners to establish sales, marketing, technical support and post-sales programs. We meet the needs of our customers and maximize the business resources.

Development Of Biometric Solutions

Many countries, including the US, European countries and others incorporate biometrical data into passports, ID cards, visas and other documents for using in large national scale automatic biometrical identification systems.

Distributor Technology Equipment

Distributor of all computer technology and computer equipment of the highest quality worldwide.

Video Vigilance

Whatever your intelligence need, DeltaCompany is the answer. A trusted provider to tens of thousands of law enforcement professionals, Vigilant Solutions is committed to helping you protect officers, families and communities.



Delta Company is the international leading Independent Wholesale Distributor of High Technology and Services. We are proud to provide Products and Services to professionals across the World. We partner with more than 100 well-known, industry-leading manufacturers of quality products to bring you the High Technology Products you and your customers demand.

Florida, USA

Hong Kong

Resellers and Installers in Latin America.


Being the leading company in the world offering technology solutions, identity management control measure, security and reliability stand, provide any technological and innovative equipment and provide technology experiences for people and organizaciones.ociedad.


Delta Company is committed to providing the best solutions to technological level and in a strategic manner to all sectors of society.

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One Place, One Solution B2B company in the Technology Industry
Electronic Security / PC Security.
Information Technology (IT)
Biometric Solutions.
Tech Design and Consulting
Broadcast Video Public or Private (CATV / CCTV)
Forensic Software.


High Technology Solutions
Law Enforcement.
Military Equipments.
Forensic Products.
Paintball Sports.
Safety Products.


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